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I've been keeping this blog since 2011. In fact, there are images that have been posted going back much further. The blog has been kept using Wordpress, an open source blogging platform that has morphed over the years to one of the largest platforms on the web. It works well, however I have recently begun using my iPad Pro as my main blogging device and the workflow using Wordpress has become problematic. Starting with this post all future posts and images collections will be using Zenfolio. Zenfolio is a much more photo friendly platform, incorporating a lot of the features that were clunky add-ons in Wordpress. Hopefully the galleries will be cleaner and load faster. It also gives me the chance to weed through the thousands of photos and select just the best for the gallery section. Anyway, I hope you all enjoy my future posts, I'll try not to post too many grand babies photos.....;-)

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